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Hey teachers! September is right around the corner and a perfect time in the Maryland Charter Bus Rentals season!

On the Road with Robert Evans

Robert has a reputation for putting a smile on your face and ensuring you have a great time! Watch to learn about what motivates Bob every day!

On the Road with Atlantic - Episode 2 from MOJO | Creative Digital on Vimeo.


What's the Cost to Rent a Charter Bus?

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Romance works, even when Cupid is on a budget

Valentine’s Day will soon be here and love will be in the air. For those who love getting wrapped up in the romance, there is no shortage of romantical places to visit both locally and those not-so-local. Sometimes the hardest part is getting there – which is why Atlantic Charter makes for the best charter bus rental in Maryland to help get you there. For those wanting to ‘get out of town’ and make the day extra special, with some help from Trip Advisor, here are some of the most romantic places to dine with that special someone:


2018 is near...get on a charter to NY!

Visit the city that never sleeps.  If you’ve never been, New York City is abuzz with activity all year round.

Charter Bus Rentals to the Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade

As the weather gets colder, we shiver but our hearts vibrate in anticipation. The holiday season is approaching, and there is so much to be done.

The Best Way to Celebrate: Charter Bus Ghost Tours

Finally, the days of fireworks and shoes full of sand are over. The weather takes a cool and colorful turn to match the time that is now upon us: Spook Month. While Halloween is the main event, the entire month of October must be utilized in preparation for the spookiest day of the year. There is simply too much to be afraid of and it will never fit into one day. If Thanksgiving and Christmas can take up two months, Halloween can have its Spook Month. And just how do we celebrate this spectacular holiday for an entire month away from our movie marathons and giant bags of candy?

Safety Through the Eyes of a Charter Bus Driver

Safety through the eyes of a charter bus driver

Anyone who drives regularly is all too familiar with the hundreds of challenges and road hazards on any given day. This is especially true for highway driving where speed limits raise the level of complexity as does the number of motorists. Add some rain or snow in there, and it can be ‘white knuckle city.’ For charter bus drivers, in good weather and bad, have an incredible responsibility to stay alert, safe and ready to react quickly to not only protect their passengers, but also those around them.

Summer is here – let’s Tour St. Michaels, Maryland!

St. Michaels Maryland near Kent Island, Annapolis and Stevensville MarylandLiving or visiting the Atlantic coast has many benefits. Perhaps the best benefit is the beauty of the ocean and no shortage of cities and towns to explore. If you’re looking for a destination rich in history, charm and activity, consider a visit to St. Michaels, Maryland.


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Why rent a charter bus? If you're planning a road trip for a large group, t...


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Motorcoach rental transportation for charter and commuter service!

Atlantic Coast Charter is a bus and charter company with a longstanding superior service, dedication to customer satisfaction, and a hands-on approach are just a few reasons we are the local charter bus industry leader. Our well-maintained, well-appointed buses and expert operators are dedicated to providing you with a safe, comfortable, and friendly experience.

You get the group together for a charter bus experience of a life time and we’ll take you where you need to go! We take the worry out of travel with charter bus and motorcoach rental with our unparalleled service: for trouble-free transportation to and from your desired destinations or adventures yet untold, choose Atlantic Coast Charters.

Our Fleet of Charter Buses & Amenities

Take comfort with you. Our fleet of 10 55-passenger, one 34-passenger, and one 47-passenger buses, as well as our contract buses, are equipped with all the options you need on the road for a smooth ride:

  • Free Wi-Fi and TV with DVD players
  • Air-conditioning
  • Reclining seats and ample leg room
  • Onboard restroom
  • Wheelchair/ADA accessibility
  • GPS-enabled tracking of each bus

Attention Teachers:

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Want to earn money for your school? For every 10 buses used with Atlantic Coast Charters, we give $100 directly back to you!

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Have plans or want to get a group together?


Have plans or want to get a group together?


Have plans or want to get a group together?